33 Animals That Are Shockingly Colorful

#1. Nicobar Pigeon

Nicobar Pigeon

#2. Purple Snail

Purple Snail

#3. Pink Katydid

Pink Katydid

#4. White Peacock

White Peacock

#5. Black Rooster Ayam Cemani

Black Rooster Ayam Cemani

#6. Pink Dophin

Pink Dophin

#7. Blue And Green Parakeet

Blue And Green Parakeet

#8. Rainbow Cricket

Rainbow Cricket

#9. Indian Bull Frog

Indian Bull Frog

#10. Pink Orchid Mantis

Pink Orchid Mantis

#11. Chimeric Lobster

Chimeric Lobster

#12. Albino Crow

Albino Crow

#13. Albino Squirrel

Albino Squirrel

#14. Hallowen Crab

Hallowen Crab

#15. The Regal Ring-neck Snake

The Regal Ring-neck Snake

#16. Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

#17. Red Velvet Ant

Red Velvet Ant

#18. Pink Robin

Pink Robin

#19. Blue Lobster

Blue Lobster

#20. Red Slug

Red Slug

#21. Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp

#22. Pink Grasshopper

Pink Grasshopper

#23. Rosy Maple Moth

Rosy Maple Moth

#24. Cuckoo Wasp

Cuckoo Wasp

#25. Blue Carpenter Bee

Blue Carpenter Bee

#26. Purple Crab

Purple Crab

#27. Blue Grasshoper

Blue Grasshoper

#28. White Lion

White Lion

#29. Deilephila Elpenor


#30. Polish Pigeon

Polish Pigeon

#31. Green Leaf Looking Bug

Green Leaf Looking Bug

#32. Metallic Green Bee/wasp

Metallic Green Bee/wasp

#33. “cobalt Blue” Tarantula

#34. Io Moth Caterpillar

Io Moth Caterpillar


  1. The picture you have for a cobalt blue tarantula is, in fact, a sapphire, or gooty, ornamental. Very different breed.

    1. I thought I was the only one who noticed ^^

    2. so its not a Greenbottle Blue?

  2. #8. Rainbow Cricket is a grasshopper

    1. yes, we have them here in s.w. florida. I hate bugs, really but it looks like anartist just sat for weeks painting on one. beautiful.

  3. Oh, the wonder of it all.

    Steve Savage "King of the Beasts"

  4. Great And Lovely Post. great collections

  5. There are some truly beautiful animals here but I'm surprised they didn't include any chameleons because some of them are incredibly colorful. The Harlequin shrimp and the Rainbow cricket are both amazing. A friend of mine had a Cobalt Blue tarantula and it was stunning to hold and admire up close. Thanks Stumble!


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